Tank And Pipeline

Corrocoat has developed expertise in the management of coating program for tank and vessels used in environments as diverse as sewage treatments as diverse as sewage treatment, activated carbon filtration, chemical and hydrocarbon storage and offshore oil processing.

Corrocoat provides established solutions for both metallic and concrete substrates, offering protection for new tanks and vessels prior to and during installation as well as refurbishment options for existing old tanks and vessels.


Internal and External Protection

Corrocoat has Developed and improved methods of coating the internal surfaces of pipes to add to the traditional methods.

Nearly all the materials within the Corrocoat range can be used employing these improved methods of coating.

  • The R&D has focused on solving specific problems incurred when coating pipe work, achieving correct dry fil thickness and homogeneity throughout the length of the pipe
  • Corrocoat utilizes a range of specialist application techniques, ranging from pipe rolling rigs through to advanced down-pipe blasting and coating equipment, offering high quality finishes combined with fast turnaround and reduced downtime.