Pump Monitoring instrumentation

TPM measures pump efficiency by accurate and innovative temperature and pressure probes. The temperature probes ensure high sensitivity and long-term stability. Recalibration is not usually required for the temperature sensors that have been stable for a long period. Likewise, recalibration of pressure sensor for error correction is not usually required since these sensors are of the highest accuracy, offering less than 0.1% variation over a wide pressure range. This simplifies operational use and maintenance.

Corrocoat Japan offers high reliance products for pump monitoring.

Thermodynamic Pump Monitor (TPM).-

  • TPM measures effectively the energy losses of pump performance.
  • TPM’s technology can measure during pumping operation the inlet and outlet differential temperature and pressures, power and speed and provides accurate data of pump’s performance such as efficiency, flow rate, head and power.
  • It is easily to install with the minimum disruptions of operations and it install one time on the gate valve.
  • The temperature probes ensure high sensitivity and long-term stability.
  • Enlarge the pumps useful life and rectify manufacturing defects.

Machine condition Doctor. (MDr.)

  • Very small defects can be detected in early stage and high reliable monitoring tendency of operating conditions for pumps, engines and any rotating speed machine.
  • Automatic diagnosis functions. – Absolute and relative diagnostic method (untrained person can be used efficiently).
  • Applied to low rotating speed machine.- Bearing diagnosis can be done for rotating machine under 200 rpm speed.
  • Connected to Personal Computer by USB – High reliable monitoring condition due to operation period in PC.
  • Rubricating inferior can be detected. – Bearing can be used in its life before the defects are appeared by analysis in PC.