Plasmet System

Plasmet is a coating material designed to achieve a smooth surface finish. This high specification system ensures the long life of the rollers in this highly abrasive application. Using coating as a method of refurbishment has proved cost and time effective. Traditional methods of welding and machining have a turn around time of weeks, and replacement is expensive Corrocoat’s solution can be turned around in days and is around half the coat of a new roller.

Plasmet system includes variety of products and uses as well. These products are used for tank and vessels, pipes, pumps, valves, engineering components, structural steel and concrete. Some of these products should be used where abrasion resistance is the prime requirement whether it is immersed conditions or not.

Laminated resin products are used in combination with steel road and fiber matting such as Glass Fiber, Kevlar Fiber, and Carbon Fiber as standalone or in various combinations offering a wide range of properties. These products are used for the cold repair of perforated components such as pump casing, valve bodies and other equipments. Plamet system include the following products.

  • Plasmet HTE.
  • Plasmet R.
  • Plamet T.
  • Galvcoat.
  • Plasmet SB1.
  • Plasmet WB1.
  • Plasguard.
Before Coating

Before Coating

After Coating

After Coating