Corroglass Series

The Corroglass range of products have been developed to rebuild badly corroded plant and equipment and to afford excellent corrosion protection properties.

The extremely permeability and high bond strength of corroglass afford effective protection in environments such as highly corrosive sea-water.

Corroglass is especially suited for components rebuilding such as:

  • Sever corroded and graphitized water boxes.
  • Sever corroeded pump volutes, cut waters and neck ring areas, impellers, etc.
  • Cavitation/corrosion damage on butterfly, gate valves.
  • Marine industry components The widely variety of products include:
    • Corroglass 200 Series
    • Corroglass 600 Series
    • Corroglass AR Series
    • Corroglass HN Primer
Before Coating

Before Coating

After Coating

After Coating